To find out when the next volunteer recruitment evening is and to put your name on the waiting list please email museumproject@blackpool.gov.uk or call 01253 478624.

Museum volunteers

Volunteers are very important to the Project. We are committed to providing a meaningful, enjoyable and safe volunteer experience of real value.

To get the best experience and contribute the most to the Museum, think about what your interests and skills are, consider your other commitments and what time you are able to dedicate to the project. Anyone under the age of eighteen wanting to volunteer will need to have a parent/guardian complete a consent form.

How to become a volunteer

We will promote our volunteering opportunities widely in order to attract a broad and diverse range of volunteers from across the community.

Recruited volunteers are invited to a group recruitment evening, where we explain the Museum in detail, volunteer opportunities, and training and answer any questions. They complete a volunteer registration form and talk to a member of staff about their particular interests. This is an opportunity for the member of staff to explore which element you might be the most appropriate for.

We aim to develop an equal and diverse representative body of volunteers in terms of age, background, gender, ability and motivation. This will be achieved by recruiting from across the community and ensuring that we are set up to support and nurture people with different needs so that they are not deterred from volunteering. We will look to recruit volunteers in various places including; at events and engagement projects, colleges and universities, social media, cultural organisations and  volunteer organisation.

Volunteering Roles

Example tasks include:

  • Learning support – for example; printing and preparing learning resources for a session
  • Informal learning support – for example; leading a Dementia specific reminiscence session
  • Event support – for example; setting up a room and checking people’s tickets
  • Memory and digital story recording – for example; recording a past entertainers story which will go in the Museum’s online archive
  • Digital engagement/marketing – for example; create a podcast exploring Blackpool’s history
  • Physical marketing/ promotion – for example; distributing flyers for the upcoming talks programme across Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre
  • Data collection – for example; assisting with the collection of feedback for evaluation purposes
  • Documentation of project – for example; photographing and filming the capital development for blog updates
  • Research – for example; exploring the archives for circus posters relating to one individual
  • Cataloguing the collections – for example; sorting and numbering thousands of sheets of music
  • Collections Care – for example; cleaning objects prior to display
  • Exhibition and display installation – for example; trained volunteers will be mounting objects ready for display
  • Community heritage programme – for example; supporting the opening of buildings during Heritage Open Days

For more information about the Project and Volunteering opportunities please contact museumproject@blackpool.gov.uk or call 01253 478624.