“Personally, I am thrilled to support the project and to see the under utilised areas in the Winter Gardens brought to life again with the ambitious, immersive and innovative displays that are being developed.

To ensure the Pavilion in particular is conserved and receives the repairs it so greatly requires,  is a crucial outcome of this project, alongside the opportunities for learning, engagement and civic pride for the people of Blackpool.”

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, television personality

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen

Paul Zenon

Paul Zenon. Image credit: Rich Hardcastle

“I’ve been lucky enough to have performed worldwide for over thirty years, but out of all the places I’ve visited, Blackpool remains the most influential on me personally, as well as my work.

Its importance in the story of popular culture and entertainment in the UK is unique and cannot be over-emphasised; it’s actually hard to believe that a museum dedicated to its rich and colourful history doesn’t already exist. I’m look forward to the project with great excitement.”

Paul Zenon – TV Trickster

“Equity members and staff were delighted to see the plans for the Museum Project which will celebrate the rich history of Blackpool’s entertainment scene and also have opportunities  for performers  to work and to develop their craft  and for audiences to enjoy live work.”

Michael Day, London Variety Organiser, Equity

“I am delighted to learn about the Blackpool Museum Project.  The need for a museum to celebrate Blackpool’s entertainment history is something I have supported for a long time.”

Tracy Dawson, widow of comedian Les Dawson

“I can’t think of a better place to celebrate the glorious and glamorous world of show business than the Winter Gardens where the new museum is to be based. I have pledged by my portrait to the Museum and produced a digital story film about my career.”

Mark Raffles, Magician

Mark Raffles with his life-sized portrait

Mark Raffles with his portrait painted by Robert Ormesher

“I am absolutely delighted to be involved in such an exciting and innovative project. Blackpool has a worldwide reputation as a magnet to draw the very best dancers both professional and amateur to its glamorous and evocative ballrooms.  I’m thrilled as a dance scholar to be helping to celebrate people’s memories and affection for dancing at Blackpool. Its unique role in the dance world especially its promotion of high standards and simply the joy of dancing fulfilled the dreams of so many. Although dancing is so significant in people’s lives we have little in the museum world in Britain to recognise this fact – the Blackpool Museum Project is striding out into new directions in giving long overdue recognition to the home of people’s dancing.”

Theresa Buckland, Professor of Dance History, University of Roehampton, London, 2016