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The proposed timescale for the opening of the Museum will be summer 2020

The team is working as a whole to promote the Museum and ensure maximum awareness of the project. We have engaged with 13,850 people over a period of two years from September 2014 to September 2016.

There are opportunities for volunteers to assist throughout both stages of the project and then when the Museum is open to the public. The volunteer roles will reflect the project timescale as it develops. For more info click here

The events that are currently taking place in the Pavilion and Horseshoe area will continue in the near future. The programming of the space will be an operational issue that will be resolved through the continued close working relationship that the Project Director, Belinda Betts has with the Blackpool Entertainment Company Limited.

The Museum will have free entry for Blackpool residents. Based on evidence from market research, there is a proposed entrance price of £7 for other visitors.

The project will aim to create around 40 (full time equivalent) jobs; in addition there will be a number of work place opportunities, apprenticeships and volunteering roles.

Activities are being developed and will included opportunities for children and the general public to interact. Ideas are being considered which include, costume interpreters delivering historical representations and opportunities for children to dress up.

Members of the public can get involved by attending our events and activities. They can also volunteer, the next recruitment is in August 2017. For more info click here .

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