1. When will the Museum open?

The proposed timescale for the opening of the Museum is summer 2020

2. Where will the Museum be?

In August we were asked to develop and cost a range of new site options for the museum. During this process we were also approached to be part of a new development on the Promenade. After considering the options in detail the Project Board chose the Palatine Building as the preferred site.

The Palatine Building is a landmark building on the promenade between the Tower and Coral Island. It currently houses the Sands Venue and Wild West Diner. The building is being developed by Coolsilk Property and Investment Limited into a 5*hotel and leisure complex – the first in Blackpool.

The museum will occupy the first floor of the building with its own ground floor entrance located on Bank Hey Street.

3. How many people have the Museum spoken to?

We have engaged with and consulted over 13,000 people over a period of two years

4. How long does the Museum need volunteers for?

There are opportunities for volunteers to assist throughout all stages of the Museum as it develops. For more information please click here.

5. Will there be an entrance fee?

The Museum will look to have free entry for Blackpool residents. Based on evidence from market research, there is a proposed entrance fee of £7 for other visitors.

6. How many jobs will the Museum create?

40 full time equivalent jobs, in addition there will be a number of work placement opportunities, apprenticeships and volunteering roles.

7.  How can people get involved?

Members of the public can get involved by attending our events and activities or volunteering.

8. Will there be opportunities for children to dress up in the Museum?

Activities are being developed and will include opportunities for children and visitors to interact. Ideas are being developed which include costume interpreters delivering historical representations and opportunities for children to dress up.