Blackpool Museum Project have set up three focus groups and will be working with them throughout the year to discuss, debate and comment on all aspects of the Museum as it develops.

The groups are; young people, family and community and a group of people considering access (physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual access). The groups meet every month for an hour and a half to reflect on various aspects of the Museum during the development phase. The group discuss the challenges, opportunities and then advise the Museum team on the appropriateness of the designs and approach.

The initial meeting was an introduction to the Blackpool Museum project, the designs so far and a look at what makes Blackpool so important. The following sessions have considered the themes and stories being developed, ‘sensitive’ stories for example; performing animals and the promenade’s sideshows. They have also discussed the Museum name and initial branding ideas and will be looking at the Café, shop, visitor services offer among many other topics. We also took the groups on visits to other organisations to do a mystery shop around the Museum/Art Gallery, these included; Museum of Liverpool, Tate Liverpool, Victoria and Albert Museum, London and Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester.

Their feedback and thoughts are taken back to the Blackpool Museum team and external contractors as we develop and make decisions on the design, content and overall experience.
If you would like to get involved in a focus group, please email with details of which group and a small summary of why you would be eligible.